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Feel free to contact Dave if there is something specific you want to look at.

Examples of workshops which can run as twilight sessions include:

                 ADHD-Background information and practical strategies;

                  Conduct Disorder-Managing CD in the classroom;

                  ODD-How it manifests and how to respond;

                  Low Resilience-Raising resilience in the classroom;

                  Attachment Disorder-Navigating the minefield!

Additionally, workshops can take a full day, or include a combination of the above, or of course whatever suits! The aim is to enable your staff to improve outcomes for challenging children, and enjoy their jobs more! Happier, empowered staff will result in happier students, better attendance (for both!) and less issues, detentions and exclusions.

Awareness Centred Behaviour Management

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Consulo Education Consultancy

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“Fab strategies-thank you!”

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“The training has really made me consider my own approach to these situations.”

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“Very good, knowledgeable instructor.”

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