The Awareness-Centred approach to behaviour management is a framework that Dave has been delivering for well over a decade.

As classroom practitioners, we all know that when we reflect on things that go well in class, we usually find that being ‘tuned in’ to the dynamics of the group has contributed in some way. And when things go wrong, equally we can usually spot how a (often momentary!) lack of awareness has played its part.

Awareness is everything, so this approach is broken down throughout the training, into:

How can choices we make help to create a climate which enables students to make better behaviour choices themselves? And allow us to enjoy the respect due to classroom staff? When we have an equation that includes challenging student behaviour, and we add to that with negative and unhelpful responses from us, that can often equal more problems…

There may be a SEN diagnosed, there may be some disaffection. How well informed are your staff in dealing with that? How can we tackle issues and incidents at an individual level in a way which maintains the learning environment, and the mutual respect we want in the classroom?

We share and discuss lots of strategies your staff (or you) can use to manage truly challenging groups; in fact, we’ll aim to cover at least 30 named strategies during the training!

What can we do to use the layout of, displays and ethos in our classroom to maximise its potential to impact positively on student behaviour, and to support us as classroom practitioners? This is an often overlooked element of the equation, but can bring us some quick wins!

You can contact us to book this training for your staff, or to find out dates for upcoming regional workshops for staff to attend. Make behaviour ninjas of them all!

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“The quality of Dave Rylance’s Positive Behaviour management training is ‘first class’ from beginning to end. This quality is based on many years experience of working with challenging behaviours and a thorough understanding of the many theories behind the reasons why these behaviours are evident in some young people. 

The advice and guidance in preparing staff training to ensure our needs were met; the content of the courses, the mode of delivery and the support given afterwards was excellent. The impact of the training improves staff confidence and results in a calmer environment for both students and staff, leading to more productive outcomes for all.”

AD, Assistant Head, North East Special School