The Behaviour Ninja App

by Consulo Education

The Behaviour Ninja App will help you manage challenging behaviour in the classroom, corridors and schoolgrounds with flair and skill! It will help you achieve the high status that you need to become a tried and tested Behaviour Ninja; that member of staff who learners seem to instinctively respect.

The app has around 50 named strategies, many applicable to all phases of education, to guide you when working with difficult individuals and groups. Additionally, there is advice for some specific difficulties, such as ADHD, so that you have a range of interventions and pre-emptive approaches at your disposal.

Designed to be used in a number of ways to suit your current level of knowledge or experience, the app will help you with:

· Whole group issues
· Presenting yourself as a High-Status adult
· Low level disruption
· Complex individual needs
· Answers to the ‘what do I do when’ questions
· Techniques to pre-empt a lot of behaviours

Who is the app for?

Practically anyone who teaches! The strategies in the app have been used everywhere from early years through to post-compulsory education. They will suit teachers, leaders and classroom assistants, and the experienced practitioner will get as much from it as the newly qualified teacher. You can use it to reflect on a tough day, or to plan ahead in order to avoid one! You can dip into it quickly between lessons as a refresher, or read it from start to finish.

“Anyone working with young people would benefit massively from downloading this app-Behaviour Ninja. An essential part of anyone’s classroom toolkit.”
Denise Taylor, Principal, The Beacon of Light School

Download the app and take a step towards Behaviour Ninja Status!

Download NOW on Android


Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to learn a great deal from excellent practitioners in my career, and acknowledge their willingness to share their skills.
Equally, to some of the giants of the Behaviour Management community; George Robinson, who fired my initial interest in behaviour; Rob Long and Rob Plevin, the first presenters I saw; writers of superb books on the subject – Sue Cowley, Paul Dix and Bill Rogers.
Also, those who influence us and the powers that be, and constantly push our knowledge further through advice, discussion and healthy debate through social media, such as Tom Bennett and Geoff Barton, and others too numerous to mention. Finally, to all the colleagues I’ve worked with; there are morsels from them all in this app!