ADHD Workshop

Is this how you see your ADHD pupils? A little wild-eyed (manic, even?) Charging around, disrupting learning, challenging every instruction you give, ignoring them too. Forgetting the rules, out of their chairs more than in them, off task more than on? In fact, ADHD students can be some of the most passionate, helpful and responsive learners you have; a real asset in your classroom!

Most staff are dealing with ADHD in their work, current research suggesting 1 in 20 have the condition. Some are clearly diagnosed, some you might just suspect! This can be a real challenge for staff and other students, but often classroom practitioners are left to manage the issues without too much support and guidance. This can leave staff both frustrated and ill informed. Relationships can suffer and often this means for everyone; the learner with ADHD, other pupils, staff and parent/school relationships too.

The ADHD Workshop will never be a miracle cure; but it will give staff a better understanding of the problem and equip them with an approach and a perspective that will enable learning to take place.

The workshop can run in a number of ways; as a twilight or short session giving a basic understanding, with practical techniques being the focus, through to more in-depth guidance via a half or full day workshop. Content includes:

  • Background information: What are the current thoughts about causes? Can ADHD sit alongside other conditions?
  • Types of ADHD presentation: Hyperactive Impulsive/Predominantly Inattentive/Combined.
  • What can you do? Having a personal approach; expectations; use of support; lesson structure; managing rewards and sanctions with regard to the condition; learning aids, etc.

This workshop will give you guidance you can use the very next day to support the ADHD child to manage the condition and, most importantly, to learn.

Can be run as part of a package of workshops, for example alongside ODD, Conduct Disorder, etc, to suit your needs.

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